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Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency
Long Range (LROCP) or Short Range (SROCP)

Both courses are the full and complete VHF, MF/HF, DSC courses that encompass the requirements for recreational boaters. Many recreational boaters choose to participate in the course particularly if they are the owner of a VHF radio or regularly go boating off-shore.

Either certificate can be achieved to meet the requirements for a commercial crew licence for a Coxswain Grade 1 and the LROCP course is a compulsory requirement for a Master <24 nationally and internationally.

Marine Radios are available in 27 MHz, VHF and MF/HF. To operate a VHF, MF/HF radio (most of these radios are licensed) you must have a certificate. The course provides knowledge of the phonetic alphabet, fault-finding, maintenance, call signs, frequencies, and importantly the operational procedures and words to be used.

The Short Range Operator's Certificate of Proficiency is certified under the skill set:
MARSS00011 - Marine Radio Operator's VHF Skill Set

The Long Range Operator's Certificate of Proficiency is certified under the skill set:
MARSS00010 - Marine Radio Operator's VHF and HF Skill Set.

Student Course Information

Course Fees and Duration

Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency

  • Duration - half day
  • Fee - $295 per person

Fee Payment

Course fees are due to be paid in full on course commencement. You will be invoiced upon enrolment.

You can pay by credit card, cash or by electronic funds transfer. Instalment payment plans are available upon application.

How to Apply

Please complete our online commercial course enrolment form. After receiving your enrolment, we will then email you a booking confirmation.

Please review the Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skill requirements for our courses. We will issue you with a LLN test that must be completed prior to course commencement. This test will reveal if you require any extra support through your training and a training plan will be drawn up for you. Please feel free to contact us if you feel you may need extra support.

If you need to cancel your course due to an emergency or work, be assured your course enrolment can be transferred to another date, course or person within a 12 month period or, you can apply for a refund in extenuating circumstances.

What to Bring


Australian Drivers Licence, current passport or birth certificate, Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Electronic Device:

Electronic device capable of doing assessments online e.g. phone, tablet or laptop

All of our assessments are conducted through online software in class.

Radio day:

1 x Passport photo for Marine Radio course


Course Text

Participants of the Marine Radio course can access the Marine Radio Operator’s Handbook online and you can also download it for free if you choose to. Please note this is required reading.

Office of Maritime Communication (OMC) application

Upon a Satisfactory result, Sea School International will lodge your application with your Statement of Attainment, application form and photo to OMC. OMC will then post a covering letter and your Operator's Certificate of Proficiency card to your listed address.

This card must be presented to Sea School International if you’re applying for a Certificate of Competency with AMSA.

Course Structure

The Short Range Operator's Certificate of Proficiency is made up of one unit of competency:

MARSS00011- Marine Radio Operator's VHF Skill Set
  • MARC044
    Transmit and receive information by marine VHF radio.

The Long Range Operator's Certificate of Proficiency is made up of one unit of competency:

MARSS00010- Marine Radio Operator's VHF and HF Skill Set
  • MARC043
    Transmit and receive information by marine radio.

When you Qualify

Your name and contact details will be uploaded into the Search and Rescue National Database and you may be able to assist in the search and rescue of vessels in distress.

Should you lose your card, please contact the Office of Maritime Communication who will reissue your card for a fee. If you change your address or contact details, you must contact the Office of Maritime Communication to provide your new information.

Course Return Policy

If you do not reach the required competency standard within the course duration (including an unsatisfactory result in the government test) the fee to re-sit the test is $125. No additional passport photo is required.

Terms and Conditions

Signing your enrolment form acknowledges your understanding of your rights, obligations and acceptance of Sea School’s terms and conditions. Sea School course costs, timetable, course content, policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. You are required to read the detailed terms and conditions information on our website.

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Just wanted to thank you and your staff at Sea School. I have over 20 years experience in the teaching profession and work closely with Macquarie Uni & UTS and I can certainly say that your methods of teaching coxswain ticket were spot on.

Craig Mitchell, Managing Director, Sydney Harbour Bookings