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Final Assessments

AMSA ratified marine course assessor

Final Assessment (AMPA) & Lodgement of Certificate of Competency (CoC)

From 1 May 2018, Sea School International will conduct the new AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA) for domestic maritime certificates of competency. If you've already got your maritime qualification, call us to book in. If you're a new student, this can be incorporated into your coming course structure.

When you're ready to apply for a Certificate of Competency, you have the option of choosing Sea School to lodge your application on your behalf or alternatively, you may submit it independently. If you choose to lodge with Sea School, we'll help you to compile your documentation and ensure it meets all the standards before submitting it to AMSA on your behalf.

For more information about AMPA, please see the AMSA website

*AMPA may not be offered at all locations.

How to obtain your Certificate of Competency (maritime industry licence):

There are two ways to obtain your Certificate of Competency depending on your status:

1. You’ve already completed a maritime qualification

Final Assessment (AMPA) + Lodgement of CoC

You are eligible to apply for Final Assessment + Lodgement if you have:

  • successfully completed a maritime qualification (within the last 5 years)
  • compiled the required documentation, including evidence of sea service
  • studied in preparation for your AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA)


New applicant:$650
Past student:$490
Certificate of Competency Application Fee:$156

Final Assessment (AMPA) only

  • Complete your Final Assessment (AMPA) with our qualified Assessors
  • Lodge your own application for a certificate of competency with Australia Post (additional cost $156)


New applicant:$650
Past student:$490

The AMPA will be conducted on board a vessel and include a practical test for coxswains, masters and marine engine driver certificates. You’ll be asked to respond to questions as part of the assessment process.

Your assessment may take three to four hours and you must book an appointment.

*Some locations may charge an additional fee, depending on vessel availability. Please check when booking.

AMSA requirements for Certificates of Competency:

Call 1300 666 416 to book NOW.

2. You’re a new student

Final Assessment (AMPA) + Lodgement of CoC

When you enrol in a course you can choose to book your final assessment and the lodgement of your application for a maritime licence to operate (Certificate of Competency) at the same time. Most seafarer's find this to be the biggest single hurdle to obtaining their licence. So, we've made it easy for you!

Our Assessors conduct the AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA) during your course so that when you’ve successfully completed your course, you’ve completed your final assessment as well.

If you choose, we also help you to compile the documentation required by AMSA for your Certificate of Competency and lodge your application for you.


Final Assessment (AMPA): $490
($250 for General Purpose Hand)
Certificate of Competency Application Fee:$156

AMSA requirements for Certificates of Competency:

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Just wanted to thank you and your staff at Sea School. I have over 20 years experience in the teaching profession and work closely with Macquarie Uni & UTS and I can certainly say that your methods of teaching coxswain ticket were spot on.

Craig Mitchell, Managing Director, Sydney Harbour Bookings