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Ponsonby Cruising Club, Auckland,  New Zealand - Australiam Marine training course location

Auckland, New Zealand

Sea School International is offering Australian domestic commercial maritime courses in Auckland, New Zealand.

Information for New Zealand Students:

  • You do not have to travel to Australia for any part of this course or to receive your qualification. The Final Assessment (AMPA) and application for an Australian Certificate of Competency is completed at the campus in New Zealand at the end of your course.
  • Students must meet all course requirements including qualification of sea service prior to certification. From Monday 14 May 2018, Sea School Maritime Qualification fees include the final assessment (AMPA) and Certificate of Competency (Australian industry licence valid for 5 years).
  • The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) do not hold a New Zealand ships register and therefore further information in relation to sea service on NZ vessels may be required.
  • If required and in order to use an Australian Certificate of Competency to work in NZ, you will be required to make an application to Maritime New Zealand for a New Zealand Certificate of Recognition.
  • All Sea School International course fees are in Australian dollars.

Training Rooms are located at:

Ponsonby Cruising Club
Westhaven Marina
Auckland, New Zealand

Contact details

Ian Zwies:   0800 440 877 (toll-free in New Zealand)
or send a Text Message SMS to:   +61 421 155 787  and we will call you back


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Just wanted to thank you and your staff at Sea School. I have over 20 years experience in the teaching profession and work closely with Macquarie Uni & UTS and I can certainly say that your methods of teaching were spot on.

Craig Mitchell, Managing Director, Sydney Harbour Bookings

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